The Republican Party is a sick sad joke and has been for a while, but the current punchline is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who answers the question: “What if Trump had actually been an effective politician?”
Pledging opposition to an advanced-placement high school course that dares to suggest the treatment of nonwhites in this country has been less than optimal, he posed behind a lectern bearing a slogan, as he is wont to do. This time, the slogan was “No Woke Bill.”
Now, the recent history of Trumpian-GQP name calling, which started with “liberal” (adopted by the targets as a badge of honor), regressed through “socialist” (resulting in a lesson in history and economics for anyone who cared to listen), “snowflake” (greeted mostly with guffaws) and finally “woke,” which makes the least sense to me of all of them. Apparently, there’s something wrong with not being asleep.