Two of the more horrible people in Ohio politics went toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose, mano a mano at a TV debate for the GOP primary for Ohio’s U.S. Senate race. In this corner was Josh “The Snake” Mandel, the peripatetic politico who sends in his old Marine uniform to fight for him, and in this corner was Mike “Ol’ Gridiron Grits” Gibbons, the Trumpier-than-thou money man.
Mandel slid in an insinuation about Gibbons’ business dealings. Gibbons said Mandel didn’t know squat about the private sector; Mandel replied his time in uniform (“Two tours in Iraq!”) meant he knows from working.
As is usual in current GOP politics, female body parts were mentioned in the pejorative sense.
Also present were GOP hopefuls Jane Timken, Matt Dolan and J.D. Vance, who may have gotten a bump by calling the two men “ridiculous,” though Gibbons makes sure we know Vance used to say mean things about Mr. Trump before he joined the rest of the field in claiming the Orange One’s mantle.