The stay-at-home orders issued by Ohio (and other states) aren’t tremendously draconian for now. There are plenty of exceptions for essential services like grocery stories, pharmacies, media, and a host of other manufacturing, repair and logistics services — but people are still unhappy about being out of work, or having to work, or wanting to go shopping or whatever. But SARS CoV-2, to give our little nemesis its proper name, doesn’t care.

PERSONAL NOTE: I went to the grocery store to lay in supplies before the Ohio stay-at-home order took effect. In my small town, the grocery store was not nuts and the shelves were empty of the expected things (fresh produce was there for the taking; packaged and shelf-stable stuff was picked almost clean. People were still being picky about bread, though; the good rye stuff was gone but the cheap wheat and white were plentiful.) A lady in a tracksuit visibly cringed when it became apparent we’d have to pass closer than six feet to one another in the vitamin aisle, and I got over as far as I could. There were the expected X’s taped to the floor at the registers, and people were more or less honoring them.